Jeannine Marie's first of three children's books, Looking in the Mirror, was published July 2012. Her highly anticipated second book,Cuckoo Bananas-Shield Against Bullying,will be published late summer of 2018. Without a budget for distribution or advertising, Jeannine is relying on recommendations and great reviews. She is receiving both! Please continue to help her get her message out to children. Looking in the Mirror has been getting lots of great feedback from pre-school and elementary teachers, as well as psychologists and others whom have read this wonderfully illustrated book.

In addition to her picture books, Jeannine will be publishing the first of three novels, Silent Lucidity, in late fall of 2018.

Drawing from her own childhood of abuse and family dysfunction, Jeannine teaches ways in which to find your own light, no matter your age, circumstance or history. She is most proud of breaking the cycle of abuse for her own daughter, never raising her hands except to demonstrate love. Her daughter is the living proof of how different life is when you are nurtured with love and taught the importance of loving yourself.

As founder and C.E.O. of bunk2bunk, it is Jeannine’s hope to spread love, happiness, and empowerment from her bunk to yours with books and future products and services.

It is never too late to start a new story. Jeannine wants to help you begin to create yours.

Motivational, Inspirational, and Life Coaching

Jeannine Marie received her BBA from Pace University. She worked for many years as a tax professional, for such firms as jetBlue, United Rentals and Forbes.  At Brown Brothers Harriman, she was the vice president of tax compliance and over the course of her career has sourced herself out as a consultant to firms in New York and Connecticut.

While working for CPA firms, Jeannine noticed her upbeat personality and teaching skills were soon in demand. She conducted many seminars in New York and Connecticut for the professional staff and partners. Eventually, Jeannine was asked to take over “lunch and learn” seminars, which was such a success, she was asked to devise a curriculum to teach staff at all levels, at the request of the partners of the firm. Her quick wit and ability to make everyone feel comfortable enough to ask questions, increased the quality of the product and the morale of the staff.

Abused from birth to young adulthood, Jeannine has always had compassion for children. As a young teenager, she worked with the deaf and mentally challenged. As an adult, she had mentored children and taught Sunday school for years. In addition, she has spoken numerous times at Silver Hill in New Caanan, CT.

After becoming a single parent, Jeannine began the journey of breaking the cycle of abuse to allow her daughter to have self-esteem and know real love. To successfully accomplish her mission, she realized she needed to heal her own past in order to give her daughter a great future. After years of therapy and studying, Jeannine was able to raise an outstanding human being and see first hand that knowledge, love, humor, and determination can move mountains.

The time has come for Jeannine to share her wisdom and stories with the universe. Her first children’s book, Looking in the Mirror, begins her new journey of teaching all she has learned. Self-love needs to begin at an early age, and Jeannine’s book teaches children and reminds parents to love and be good to your “self”.

To view Jeannine's exciting new charity, Right of All Children to be Happy, Enlightened, Loved, and Safe please see Charity section.

Jeannine’s first novel, Silent Luciditywill be available in the fall – 2018. In this book, we follow the journey from abuse to love and everything that happens in between - life, love, joy, heartache, sexuality, relationships, forgiveness, hope, and finally peace.

In Jeannine’s workshops, coaching, and speaking events, Jeannine discusses how to be motivated and inspired to live your best life and to get there faster than you thought possible.

Is it time for you to begin a new chapter at work or at home? Do you need to learn how to ask for what you want and deserve? Are you on the right road? Do your employees need a little spring in their step? If you have questions you need to explore, attend a workshop or set up an appointment by emailing jeanninemarieauthor@gmail.com. Upcoming dates for workshops and seminars will be posted soon.




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