Looking in the Mirror

“A much needed, uniquely
delivered message of
acceptance. In a world full
of materialistic priorities,
the author cleverly delivers
a powerful message to
empower children in seeing
their own physical and
spiritual beauty.
It is a wonderful book to
nurture the spirit for
children of all ages.”

—Jennifer Tricomi, BS
Elementary SpED,

MA Counseling Psychology

Cuckoo Bananas

“This is a delighrful story about the power of love and kindness to overcome adversity, and the human ability to heal through connection.”

—Erika Tsoukanelis,

“This book should be required reading for all children.”

—Marion Cordova,
Special Education, Teaching Assistant

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Looking in the Mirror
Discover the Magic of Self-Love

Cuckoo Bananas
Stop Bullying by standing up for each other

Silent Lucidity
Are you a prisoner of your mind?

Rachel's Charity
For every book purchased, one book is given away to chilren,
schools, libraries, new parents,and organizations in need.

Looking in the Mirror = 16.99
Cuckoo Bananas = 18.99
Cuckoo Bananas Coloring Book = 4.99
Silent Lucidity = 9.99


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Thompson County, Colorado
not only purchased Looking
in the Mirror
for each of
their thirty-five elementary
and early childhood schools,
they purchased t
- Cuckoo Bananas, as well!

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