It’s the Little Moments that Count

Little moments do count a lot. Of course, with a big present, your child’s eyes are going to be as big as pizza pies and their mouths are so wide, they look like mini tunnels, but believe me, the little moments are more important in the long run.

Children are little replicas of us. They just haven’t matured fully yet. However, they have a lot of the same needs. They need to feel understood, heard, validated, and loved. So take the time, even if you’re tired. You would take the time if your friend text you or emailed you. Do the same for your little one.

Don’t be too tired or too busy to interact with your child. Make a big deal about each picture and if you have absolutely no idea what it is, ask your child to explain it to you. You don’t want to say, “Nice cat” when in fact they drew grandma! If they want to tell you about Mary or Sam and what they said and they what they did and then……….. pay attention and offer kind words and a hug if necessary. It is these moments that add up that give your child the feeling he/she is loved and knows he/she always has a gentle place to fall.

No one is perfect. You’re not looking for perfection. You’re looking to have way more moments you made time for your child while you were home, than not. Before you know it, all the little moments add up to the type of parental relationship you eventually have with your child. So enjoy; in no time, you’d give anything for them to still be at home drawing you a picture. Oh R A C H E L…………

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