How can a man know children are being raped… and walk away???

Where are the moral compass of these men? They are just as guilty as Sandusky and should be in the jail cell right next to his. I know Paterno was loved by many. In fact, two of my closest friends attended Penn State and really admire him. However, what happened there is horrific. How can you let children knowingly suffer? What kind of men, men who were so supposed to be leaders – what kind of men allowed these things to happen???

Abuse is a scar that never goes away; but to see the wound and watch it bleed without offering any aid or help to stop the bleeding makes all those who knew about the wounds just as guilty as if they were responsible for inflicting the wound initially. SHAME ON YOU – YOU GUTLESS COWARDS!!! – TOUGH MEN PLAYING FOOTBALL — WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anytime I’ve seen a special on TV depicting what goes on during the preparation phase for a toddler pageant, I often wonder, at what point will these parents be forced to have an interview with child services?

I love when a parent says,”My daughter loves doing pageants” and the camera cuts to the child who is screaming, as they tease her hair or she has to stand there while someone sprays her like an old car getting a fresh new paint job so the car owner will love it again.

How ignorant does a parent have to be to spend 100K on pageants, yet has nothing saved for their daughters’ education! What promises are made and/or threats to get the child to hold her little head up while rollers, the size of huge tomato sauce cans, are fastened to her head? What goes on at home when they lose?

Until a child is old enough to seek out pageants on their own, walk up to their caregiver and state: “I would love to enter a pageant, be spray painted, parade around looking like an over made up adult, and spend countless hours practicing my walk and fake smile”, there shouldn’t be any competitions.

I don’t believe for one minute these girls rather have their overly aggressive mothers yelling at them and pushing them to compete, over playing with another child and just being a CHILD!!!




I think taxpayers’ money would be better spent if ridiculous rules were eliminated. When children are in desperate need of a good education, why would you take the funds out of the classroom and waste it on paying teachers who are required to sit in the “rubber room” all day? Why pay for a teacher with a masters degree and waste their education and skills by the “excessed” rules? Who is powerful enough to change these antiquated and wasteful ways of the education system? There are children out there who deserve better!