Have you ever asked your child a question and get a response of “fine”? So you ask another question, maybe: Do you like your teacher? Your child replies, “Yes”.

Here is a skill to engage your child in conversation so you learn more about their day and how they’re really feeling:

Try not to ask questions which will allow a one word answer. For example, try “Tell me about your day today. What is your favorite class so far and why? Who is your favorite teacher and why? What are your friends names? ¬†What is it like on the school bus? What exactly did they serve for lunch and did you like it?

Now I don’t suggest you ask all of those questions at once. But start off with one or two questions a day and you will be more in touch with how your child is doing when you are not with him/her.

Believe me, this really works. I used to find out a ton of information from my daughter.

Good Luck!